Debit Card

Concho Valley Credit Union now offers a Debit Card for your Share Draft Account to make your life a little easier! It allows members to make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted, as well as obtain cash from ATMs. The purchases are deducted from members’ Share Draft Accounts. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Debit Cards VS Credit Cards

This debit card is different from a credit card because members aren't borrowing for purchases, they're accessing their own money. So, there's no bill to pay at the end of the month and no finance charges.

Where are Debit Cards Accepted?

Members can use the debit card instead of cash or checks for everyday purchases. Merchant locations include gas stations, supermarkets, cinemas, department stores, restaurants, and anywhere MasterCard is accepted. There are over 12 million merchants worldwide that accept MasterCards.

How do I keep track of purchases?

Members receive a receipt from merchants and ATMs when they complete the transaction. Even if a receipt is lost, all transactions are detailed on the Share Draft statement, including date, merchant, location, and amount.

What about cash access?

A debit card offers worldwide access to Share Draft funds at more than 220,000 ATMs and financial institutions. Members should match a logo on their card to a logo displayed on the cash machine (example: Cirrus, MasterCard, or Visa).

Whenever you are given the choice between credit and debit, ALWAYS CHOOSE CREDIT!!

At any time that you are having problems with your debit card you may call the cardholder support phone number: 1-800-791-2525 The only time you will have to use your pin number is at an ATM. Contact the Credit Union to find out how to apply for your debit card!